I’m not dead. More bloggage soon

August 14, 2010

Hey. I haven’t updated recently. Shit. I’ve not been in the mood to blog, but I’ll be starting a separate review blog, yeah!

This place as before is for random musings.

I hope the.. 6? Of you will wait with bated breath. Hey, you!! No breathing!!



February 2, 2010

2 blogs in 3 days? Madness!

So out of the 5 films I’m most anticipating this year (Inception, Iron Man 2, Machete, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, and Kick-Ass), 3 of them are adapted from Comic Books/Graphic Novels.

Firstly, Iron Man 2, goes without saying. He was a great comic book hero anyway, but Robert Downey Jr kicked much arse when he brought him to life. Quite excited for the next film.

Next.. Kick Ass. Now I haven’t read too much of this (grabbing me a copy at the beginning of march), but seems to be a great comic and not only that, judging by the trailer, the film looks fantastic (an unfinished version apparently wowed fans and newcomers to the story alike), so my anticipation has gone up for this.

Also, something I’ve only recently started on is Scott Pilgrim. I’ve only read volumes 1 and 2, and will have 3-5 soonish. I quite like them, and what’s also great about this film as it’s directed by Edgar Wright, who is awesome. Anticipation may go up once I’ve read the remaining volumes.

Guess these are all coming about thanks to the 2000’s comic book hero adaptation explosion, moving into graphic novel territory with Sin City and the Brilliant Watchmen.

It’s also more interesting to me again, because last year for the first time in a few years I got back into graphic novels, something I’d been neglecting far too long.

NB: I’ll add trailers later.

Le Coupe De Monde (A nostalgia trip).

January 31, 2010

So, with just over 4 months until the World Cup in South Africa, we have the usual “Are England going to do it” stuff milling around (well, not so much this month, but expect a lot of it come May).

Why have I started randomly going on about the World Cup at 11am on a January Sunday morning? Because I was perusing my bookmarks, and found this Gem;

But it doesn’t end there, oh no, there’s 5 more vids, all chock full of goals from the best World Cup there has been in my lifetime… Here you go..

This is now nearly 12 years ago. Most of these players have retired from the International game, and I can only think of a few players that will return (For England, there’s Rio Ferdinand and there’s the possibility of Owen being in the squad), maybe Seedorf, and of course Kanu.

Maybe I’m looking at it through rose tinted specs, maybe it’s because I was a 14 year old in the thick of a football obsession, watching a hefty chunk of the group stages and round of 16 during a great holiday in Ibiza. Might be because the tournament came off the back of Arsenal doing the double, after my favourite season as an arsenal fan (Yes, it beats the invincibles, I was at Highbury that day Ian Wright broke Bastin’s record!). But it all felt so much better in those days, and despite our usual Knockout stage exit, remember that tournament with great excitement and memories.

Yeah, this all sounds sad, but it’s warmed up a cold winter morning with memories of Sun, fun, and a year of great football.


January 19, 2010

Firstly, so I don’t need to explain, the info is all here…


Now, this is a fantastic Idea, the brainchild of those behind the superb Video game based webcomic ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’, a celebration of all things Video game.

I’ll be participating a little bit this weekend, by getting the old N64 and Saturn out to sit alongside my Xbox 360 and PS2, for a bit of nostalgia. I loved the N64, truly. It had what is arguably the 2nd best Zelda game, and legendary Multiplayer games like GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64. Maybe it’s rose-tinted spectacles, but before I looked old enough to drink these were my life, aside from kickabouts down Barking/Mayesbrook parks. Also, the Saturn, the underrated one. It had Daytona USA, the original Virtua Fighter and Nights, surely that’s enough to make it a good console?

I should dig these out more often, but since the internet has decreed this the celebration of video games, it was hard to resist.

So this weekend, 360 goes for a rest, and I’ll be indulging in GoldenEye, Mario Kart 64, and Daytona. Nostalgiafest.

Hello there!!

January 7, 2010

So, the test worked, lovely. My Blog is successfully alive! Huzzah!

Short and Sweet to start with, just a description and all that boring bollocks. It’s not a specific blog, just general verbal diahorrea from moi. It’ll be mainly about football and music, but a bit about films, TV and stuff too. No personal stuff here. Well, maybe if it’s some big announcement or some life re-affirming revelation, which I never get honestly, hmm.

So there you have it, a description. As we’re just 1 week into the new year (and decade!) I’ll post some lovely lists in the next couple of days, about the stuff I’m looking forward to this year, Film and Music wise. See ya for now!


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